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Excellent Wi-Fi Boosting Services

Experienced Technicians to Handle Your Wi-Fi Boosting Work

Boost the strength of your Wi-Fi signal with the help of the skilled technicians at STV Audio Video. Expect only personalized services from our professionals. You'll be glad to know that we use products from well-known brands such as Ubiquity and Luxul in our Wi-Fi boosting projects.

Important Things to Know About Wi-Fi Boosting

  • Wi-Fi boosting can expand WIRELESS access (connection to your local wireless network) within a large residence or any business building’s application
  • Wi-Fi boosting can be accomplished with either or both: a.) a more powerful router (which broadcasts your internal network’s Wi-Fi with greater perimeter range) or b.) with units referred to as “access points” (remotely positioned as necessary)
  • Wi-Fi boosting affects connections of laptops, cellphones, tablets, IP-type video surveillance security cameras (CCTV), and video doorbell cellphone access
  • Long-distance “point-to-point” wireless Wi-Fi at 25, 50, 75, or 100-mile ranges
  • Remember your cellphones, tablets, laptops, and video doorbells connect with Wi-Fi connections. You need fast, strong connections to stream music, video, Netflix, and many other “streaming services” without “buffering”

We Use Products From Top Brands in Our Boosting Projects

  • Top brands in routers: Luxul brand commercial Wi-Fi routers (not available in stores)
  • Top brands in long-distance Wi-Fi (Point-to-point Wi-Fi): Ubiquity, EnGenius, and Luxul
  • Top brands in wireless (WiFi access points): EnGenius, Ubiquity, Luxul, and more
  • Modem + router integration and distribution via additional Wi-Fi access points
  • Video doorbells often require strong Wi-Fi connections for flawless remote access
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We are honest and upfront when it comes to our prices. With us, you can get quality Wi-Fi boosting services at the right price.
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